An RTT Session 21 day Experience

(Discounted due to Covid)

A Transformational experience


  • We get very clear on what you want to achieve

  • You receive a relaxing pre-session recording to listen to before your session

  • A 90 Minute RTT Session

  • A Personal recording from the session to listen to for a least 3 weeks to re-wire in new beliefs

  • Email support throughout the 21 days 

  • A Healing Vortex & Cell Command therapy MP3 recording

  • The option to have another phone consultation at the end of the 21 days to answer any questions if needed.

Further sessions

are at a reduced price

Experience change 

Please note that depending on the individual person between one and three sessions is usually required for a permanent change

  • 90 Minute RTT Session

  • A Personal recording from to re-wire in new beliefs

  • Email support  

Personal Recording

  • You fill in a form letting me know exactly what you want and the changes you wish to make

  • You receive a personalized recording with or without music.

I work with you to 

increase self-esteem

Increase self-confidence

Increase your sense of worth

and to know that you are enough

At present, I am only offering sessions on Skype or Zoom

These sessions are often more powerful as you are feeling

relaxed and comfortable in your own home.


In the future, I will be available for In-person sessions, at

Belmont Counselling Rooms, 44 Mt Pleasant Road, Belmont 

Modern Mindset - Change your Mind - Change your Life and set yourself free

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