Your thoughts are powerful

Our thoughts have power

When we think the same thoughts over and over, the neocortex which is the outer part of the brain, makes a connection which fires off neurons, repeated thoughts will then cause neural pathways of permanent connections. This is how we learn intellectually. However; when we no longer think the original thoughts, then the neurons no longer fire together, and those thoughts are no longer an automatic response. This means that when we choose different thoughts, we literally begin to change our brain.

Your feelings have power

When we have a thought the connection in the neocortex of the brain triggers the limbic brain to produce chemicals that cause a sensation or a feeling which matches the thought.

What happens when we use thoughts and feelings together

With repetition of the thoughts and the feelings together make the neural pathway become more permanent as well as this the limbic brain will produce the matching chemicals which causes the cerebellum, which is the seat of the subconscious, to record this response. This happens when we re-act to situations without even thinking about it in the same way each time.

My toolbox

By stopping the automatic response using NLP tools you are interrupting the pattern and literally rewiring the circuitry in your neocortex. This rearranges your old ways of thinking and new connections are made.

As you begin to make new thoughts caused by new feelings then new connections are wired and coded and continue to be made permanent with repetition. You will begin to look at life through a different frame.

Modern Mindset – Change your Mind

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