Your Mind can be like a wild horse unless you train it.

Your mind is for thinking, that is its major role. The problem is that sometimes we think too much, and our minds begin to race from one thought to another, from the past and to the future. Our minds can be like a wild horse, racing from one direction to the next which makes us feel completely out of control.

Even though our thoughts at times can be powerful, some thoughts are simply unhelpful and not worth paying too much attention to, in fact some thoughts are not even true or real but just fearful thoughts of an imaginary future. If you begin to choose which thoughts you want to engage with and which thoughts you choose to ignore, you are then taking back your power and starting to train that wild horse.

When you only pay attention to the thoughts that serve our inner happiness and self esteem you will find that gradually those high-quality thoughts will be more frequent, as what you focus upon becomes more of your reality.

By practicing mindfulness meditation, you begin to strengthen the mindfulness muscle in your brain, this is what we call Neuroplasticity. By re-wiring and changing your own brain you can begin to make permanent changes in your self-esteem and self-confidence.

In mindfulness meditation we start to become aware of the present moment and not the past or the future. Just ten minutes a day of meditation, becoming aware of the sounds around you, your breathing and observing your thoughts as they come and go has been found to have a dramatic impact on your sense of well-being.

Just ten minutes a day of mindfulness meditation will begin to train your brain to begin to only focus on one thing at a time and this will help you to become more aware the rest of the day on your thoughts, feelings and what is going on around you.

Sometimes people live their lives with their mind like a wild horse but others who take the time to train their minds, find that everyday they are feeling calmer, happier, sleeping better, their inner dialogue is kinder and they are moving through life in a purposeful way.

There are many free meditations apps to choose from but if you would like a free relaxation meditation please go to my website and send me a message and I will email it to you.

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