You don’t need to live with Anxiety

You don’t need to live with Anxiety

Your brain is like your own computer system, one part is the part that deals with the intellect part of our lives (budgeting, learning, etc.), and another part deals with the emotional part of our lives (creativity, feelings, etc).

Our Fight, Flight and Freeze mechanism it is called the Amygdala, this part of your brain is always on the lookout for anything that may harm you, and years ago when we lived in caves and wild bears were roaming around it came in very handy.

So when we are at home and all is quiet, you may hear a loud noise, and this will set off your Amygdala and it will become bigger, as our Fight, Flight Freeze is put into action, where we will become angry at the noise, or we will want to run away from the noise, or we will go very still and not move. When our Amygdala is at its highest point that is where fears, anxieties or phobias can come.

Most of our fears are learnt in our early childhood

When you were born you were not afraid of spiders, they were just a spider, but you may have watched your mother scream loudly whenever she saw one and learnt that a spider was something to fear, this fear would then go into that part of the brain and when you were older whenever you see a spider that fear would cause the Amygdala to expand and go into the Fight, Flight Freeze mode.

The more fears the Amygdala holds the more it expands, and the more it expands the harder it becomes for it to go back to its original size, and when this happens it releases chemicals into your body that keep signalling to your brain that you are in danger. And because the Amygdala is now in a larger state most of the time, it is now placing you in a constant state of anxiety.

Now remember this is a very simplified version and there is a lot more that goes on in our brain and the various parts, but without getting scientific this explains why you can feel out of control.

What NLP & Hypnosis can do?

In NLP, RTT and Hypnosis, we are able to communicate with the part of the brain that is the subconscious part of you, the driver of everything you do subconsciously, like driving, walking, digesting food, etc. When we communicate with the part of you that is doing this, we ask that part to let go, we negotiate with the part to leave. We work on stopping the automatic response of setting off the amygdala using tools to interrupt the pattern and literally rewiring the circuitry in your brain. This rearranges your old ways of thinking and new connections are made.

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