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What Scientific Research Has Found

Scientist have now proven in their research in neuroplasticity that we can change our brain, just twenty years ago it was thought that once your mind was set, that was it, it was just who you were, people were not confident or had low self-esteem or anxiety because that was just the way they were.

Scientist now Know Your Brain can change

Now we know that our brain is changing continually and will continue to do so, it chances through neuroplasticity where if you repeatedly imagine doing something over and over your brain begins to process it as if you were doing it. In David Hamilton’s book How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body he shares a research in the brains of people imagining playing notes on a piano and another group of people who physically played the piano notes. After five days of daily practice, the brain had undergone identical levels of change, with the area connected to the finger muscles growing through neuroplasticity by around 30-40 times. Researchers found that when looking at the brain scans they couldn’t tell who had played the notes and who had imagined playing the notes.

Imagination is powerful

In each of the neuroplasticity studies that compared physical practice with imagined practice the results were the same regardless of whether a person was physically doing or mentally rehearsing as the brain doesn’t distinguish between really doing a task and imagining doing the task.

I Recommend David Hamilton’s Book – How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body

To find out more on this fascinating subject I would really recommend reading David Hamilton’s Book – How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body.

After your session at Modern Mindset a recording is made for you

In my practice I recommend that you listen to a meditation/self-hypnosis recording for at least 21 days as this helps to re-wire and re-code the neurons in your brain to change the neuroplasticity of the brain so that new permanent changes can be made.

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