Make your goal to release weight the right way today

Setting your weight loss SMART Goals

S – Specific – the more specific your goal is the better it will be so instead of it being You want to lose weight it would be better to say You want to eat healthier and release 10 kilos, fit into a size 12 and be able to run a 5 k's in three months time.

M – Measurable – How much weight will you lose? What clothes size will you be?

R – Realistic – You can’t lose 10 kilos in a week and keep it off so 2 kilos a week would be realistic.

A – Attainable – knowing that you can achieve your goal and that it is realistic, perhaps you know someone who has achieved this in the past or perhaps you have so you know it can be done.

T – Timely – You need a sense of time so that you don’t put off your goal – (I will lose 10 kilos in 5 weeks).

The OPUS Check

O – Ownership – make your goal yours and want it for you.

P – Passion – you must have a passion for reaching your goal and a reason.

U – Urgency – Don’t wait for tomorrow – take action NOW.

S – Significance – Your goal must be important to you so that it is worth the time and effort to achieve it.

So now it's time to start to write down your weight loss goal, your ideal weight and size. Write a goal that excites you when you think of the end result and know deep down that you are worthy of achieving it.

You have got this, you can do it. Start today.

Modern Mindset

Change your mind - change your life

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