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Updated: Aug 28, 2019

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When you were born you came into the world perfect. You were a beautiful amazing lovable tiny little person, who knew they mattered, you knew that you were worthy, that you were significant and deserving of love.

Your little mind was like a filter learning everything so quickly, you would take in more information in the first few years of life then you would ever take in after that. You would learn how to speak, to sit up, to crawl and to walk, to feed yourself, to toilet train and to read and write.

None of these things were easy, yet you never gave up, you never got mad at yourself for not doing it straight away, you just kept on persevering while knowing that one day you would achieve it – you never doubted yourself.

Because your mind was in a theta state most of the time, you absorbed information and beliefs without rationalising them, a deeply emotional event caused an emotion that was so strong, it became a part of who you are.

So there were moments in your childhood where events happened that caused within you strong emotions and produced feelings that were so strong they became a part of how you think, because in your childhood your world is all about you, and you make events that aren’t really about you at all about you in your child’s mind.

By the time you reached adulthood, you had beliefs about yourself about the way that aren't really true anymore now that you are an adult. You have forgotten completely that when you were born, you were perfect already and your still perfect now, you just need to release some of those stubborn childhood beliefs that you absorbed when you had only been here for such a short time.

RTT helps to locate the cause of your issue today and release it and re-wire and re-code new trans formative, powerful beliefs.

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