Gratitude - Re-wire Your Mind For More happiness today

Gratitude Journal
Gratitude - Rewire your Mind for Happiness

Being Grateful Improves Every Area of Your Life

It has been shown that being grateful, despite what is happening around you can improve all areas of your life and then life begins to bring you even more to be grateful for. Why not start re-wiring the mind for some gratitude and start improving your mental health today.

You Don’t Need to Wait for Something Good to Happen

Don’t wait for something good to happen to start to feel grateful just look around you. As you look around you at what you already have and as you do this just notice how many things you have that you take for granted and if you were to lose them life would never be the same.

Slow Down and Focus on What You Already Have

Life is a mad rush which flies by so fast it is hard to keep up and yet if you were to take a journal and each day make a habit of writing down three things that you are grateful for, you will begin to notice that it is the moments in your life that matter. Like the fact that you are able to see and hear, that you can walk with ease, that your body is working in a perfect way, that you are able to have easy access to fresh water, healthy food and air. That you experienced kindness from a stranger, that someone smiled at you today for no reason, you saw the most beautiful sunset, you hugged your children today or you made a difference in someone’s life just by being there.

Start Today

So, what small thing can you be grateful for today? By focusing on the what you are grateful for you will find even more to be grateful for and this leads to easily and effortlessly overcoming feelings of anxiety or depression.

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