Give me the child until it’s 7 and I will show you the man

The first seven years is when our beliefs and programming of our sub-conscious mind is formed

Theta Brainwave is hypnosis

In our childhood we learn an enormous amount sub-consciously, we learn how to talk, how to crawl and then walk, we learn rules and we absorb more information in that short space of time than later in life. In our childhood we operate mainly in a theta brainwave state, so we absorb everything that we can in this state especially from our families and care givers. This is why children play so well, they play make believe with sand, toys and games yet it is quite real to them and they are naturally really good at using their imagination.

Children pick up their beliefs from their families and care givers

Children under seven learn just by observing and they download this information. You can see this when you notice that children from rich families will often be rich and children who are from poor families are usually poor as they have picked up the limiting beliefs from their parents, like we can’t afford it and who do you think you are to ask for that.

95% of our life comes from our sub-conscious

Ninety-five percent of our life comes from our sub-conscious programming. You only use your conscious mind five percent of the time. So ninety-five percent of your life after seven will be what has been programmed into you before the age of seven. The things that you love in your life were programmed that way so you can just enjoy that. However; the things that you struggle with are the things that have been programmed into your mind before seven as well and it may be time to let go of that programming.

What can you do?

Hypnosis, with hypnosis you can reach the sub-conscious mind and find where you got the beliefs that you are struggling with today. Once they are revealed, a door opens in your mind and new beliefs are able to be formed. By using repetition (just as you learnt to walk and talk) you then program new beliefs into your sub-conscious mind.

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