Hypnotherapy – Can it help?

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Hypnosis is actually a natural state that you automatically go into every day.

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Hypnosis is when your analytical mind quietens down and allows you to get insights

If you have never been hypnotized before it can seem quite scary especially when you have witnessed stage hypnosis where the people being hypnotised seem to have no control over what they are doing. Stage hypnosis is for entertainment and is very different to a hypnotherapy session.

Hypnosis is actually a natural state that you automatically go into every day. It is simply a deep focused relaxation. This may happen to you when you are engrossed in a movie or a book and everything else seems to fade into the background as you become immersed in the story. In hypnotherapy you are guided into hypnosis instead of naturally going in by yourself. In hypnosis your subconscious mind is working more than your conscious mind. You are fully aware of everything around you and can even have a conversation, yet your mind is more open to positive suggestions.

Hypnosis can be immensely helpful when regressing to significant events in our childhood, as most of our issues that we have today are from events that we experienced in our childhood which have then produced the beliefs that we are still carrying around with us. Now that you’re an adult these beliefs are outdated and just like we update our computers, we need to update our minds to have new beliefs and habits that inspire us to live our best life.

Sometimes just in the act of remembering can help symptoms to be removed. Memories lead to understanding and understanding frequently leads to healing. Valuable recall – particularly memories related to phobias, pain or other symptoms that we carry with us from childhood events can lead to profound healing.

People who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks can develop conscious control over their bodies by learning to slow down their breathing and their self talk as well as changing the way that they talk to themselves in their inner dialogue.

Motivation is something that we can find difficult at times when wanting to lose weight, give up alcohol or drugs or quit smoking. Hypnosis can really help in these areas by changing the pictures we have in our minds and the words we say to ourselves. Once you realise that your mind responds to the detailed instructions you give it through your own inner and outer dialogue you can use that information to your advantage. Just to be clear, this is not all about positive thinking or pretending the world is perfect but it is about giving your brain specific, direct and up to date communication around the way you want to become.

Hypnosis can be immensely helpful in quickly and effectively take you back to the moment that you first gave your mind these outdated, unhelpful beliefs and then we reverse those beliefs and replace them with a new belief system which empowers you.

Remember you choose your beliefs and habits and then they in turn make you.

Jean Colsell, Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP & RTT Practitioner

Belmont Counselling Rooms, 44 Mount Pleasant Road, Belmont

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