are our current experiences created by our beliefs from our childhood?

Most of our beliefs today are from events and experiences that we had when we were children. We often carry these beliefs with us right through to our current time, even though we are now responsible wiser adults with so many more resources we still re-act as the small child who was perhaps humiliated and embarrassed in front of the class for not knowing a correct answer and this may have led to not wanting to do any public speaking twenty years later.

By regressing back through a light hypnosis state, we can go back to those earlier events where the beliefs were first formed, we then look at those experiences through your older wiser self and you begin to notice that looking at these events from a different prospective gives you back your power as you realise that you are no longer a helpless child but a powerful adult with all the resources available to you to deal with that same situation.

The words that we say to ourselves and the pictures that we make in our minds usually determine who we become. By listening to a hypnosis recording which includes positive words, visualisation, NLP and other transforming tools we can gradually over time change our self-talk which then changes our life.

This can take time and sometimes listening to a recording on some days may be difficult, yet my most successful clients love listening as they know that it is literally changing their lives.

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Usually our current beliefs are created from what we experienced as children
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