Kind words from clients

Since doing the sessions my life has transformed in the most wonderful way. I came to see Jean to improve my self-confidence and self-esteem in the areas of my love life and business, as well as a specific phobia I had in relation to money.

Jean made me feel really at ease during the sessions and was extremely empathetic, understanding, positive and supportive. It’s only been a few months, but in that time, I have found a great partner and my love life has really flourished in a way that I could have never anticipated, almost identically to what we had recorded in the audio from the session!

I feel blessed that I took the courage to see Jean and feel so grateful for her work and the RTT method created by Marisa. I am very happy.

I have also overcome the phobia and am feeling safer and better every day and have got rid of my feelings of anxiety in the process.

The RTT method and the way Jean delivers it really works, I highly recommend Jean and her work and truly am so grateful for her work.

Thanks again Jean, your work is amazing and I am forever grateful.  Maja

I connected with Jean in order to free myself from old patterns and beliefs that I knew were hindering my ability to move forward in certain areas of my life. I wasn't sure how to free myself from the things that were keeping me stuck but Jean's insights, professionalism and innate ability to get to the root cause of things has already set me free in a short period of time. The changes and shifts are noticeable, and I can't wait to see what else unravels. Thank you, Jean, for providing a safe and trusting environment for me to go deep.


I am leaving Australia soon and I feel great. I feel the effect of the RTT 6 months later more than ever. I feel in peace, and very content with myself, like something has cleared in the very back of my head which I wasn't aware of. Also, I met someone amazing, for the first time. I thought I should share it with you. He is most likely going to come to Europe, but even if not, I am happy that for the first ever, I attracted someone kind, nice, who truly cares and respects me, someone I would have never been interested up to 6 months ago.

Again, thank you so much. The RTT has been the best investment I decided to do for myself.


You can definitely use anything I say as a recommendation for your brilliant work.

As time goes on I realise more and more how low self-worth can affect so much in one’s life.

Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing work you do and for helping me accept that I am worthy.

You have given me a priceless gift and I’m eternally grateful.


Working with Jean through RTT has actually changed my life.

I never thought I’d say that as I was pretty sceptical about the hypnosis aspect of the therapy, but I have seen tremendous physical changes in my health. The changes in my health were nothing short of a miracle and have shown very measurable improvements in a short period of time, with RTT being the only new addition to my health care regimen.

I do think being open is an important step in getting the full benefits from. this type of therapy and of course everyone will have a different healing experience, but I know from personal experience (and research) that our beliefs and mindsets have a direct and profound impact on our physical and psychological well-being.

Jean was especially generous in her approach to our time together. She explained the process to me and answered all my questions before we committed to anything. She crafted individualized sessions to address my personal goals and needs with clear attention to detail and she was even available to me after our RTT session by checking in to see how I was doing. I feel very seen and very taken care of by her generous and comforting spirit.  I am really grateful for the work she provides and her level of care.


I am so thankful to Jean for finding the cause of my not feeling worthy of receiving money for my work.
There was no way I could have guessed where in my childhood that came from. Well actually I did guess, but I was completely wrong! There was no wonder I kept feeling those same feelings repeatedly.
Jean is so gentle and soft and kind that I feel so completely at ease in her care. I can’t recommend Jean highly enough. She is an amazing, empowering therapist who doesn’t fail to find the cause of any issue I have presented her with.
For all my life I have sabotaged myself, in so many ways having to do with relationships, relationship with family and stopping myself from letting me become successful in my work, even to the point of putting myself in limiting states like accepting being physically sick. I thought this was how my life was going to be.
I had a few sessions with Jean, hoping to make my childhood issues become less painful and ended up with an amazing breakthrough that changed all these areas mentioned above.
Leah, Melbourne

I want to recommend Jean with all my heart.
Seeing now that all areas of life influence the others, and healing one part in life will make other issues also get solved.
I would not believe this was possible if I was told this before I started my journey with this treatment.
This is powerful stuff!
Jean has been the most emphatic, understanding and with a great insight into how things can be felt and how things are linked together. Her way of seeing what truly the issue underneath the chaos of a troubled mind is, bringing structure and a clear focus towards a wanted outcome in the sessions.
This is a therapist that will bring out the best of you and help you manifest great changes for you in your life. – with deep gratitude Margritt

I have been feeling so transformed! It's incredible how I feel today compared to a month ago, 2 weeks ago, yesterday!  My nighttime panic attacks have completely resolved. I cannot remember the last time it happened. I am also feeling so light in my chest. Now I recognize as soon as that heavy feeling enters my heart and I start feeling victimized or sorry for myself I catch myself very quickly and feel the feelings of being enough, and that it is all in my control, that I am creating my own reality...
So I say from the deepest place in my heart THANK YOU JEAN!. Thank you however does not fully express my gratitude. But indeed my recommendations/referrals will hopefully be my way of being grateful to you for helping me change my mind! You have such a loving gently but firm nature that really helps Hypno work.
God bless you always Jean. - N.D.

Jean has been a guiding light and a truly supportive presence in my journey towards greater health and happiness. As a therapist myself I was very impressed with her level of skill and technique, and grateful for her kind and thoughtful approach. She has helped me move onto a path towards healing, and while my issue was behavioural and emotional in nature, I have developed a greater sense of confidence and self-esteem as a by-product of working with Jean. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking help with their own personal journey of healing or self-improvement. – Emma H

I am noticing beautiful changes, including just a general sense of peace within and without. Also, very interestingly I have started sort of seeing someone and it is lovely the fact that it all of a sudden is in my experience. I am so grateful to you – LC

Today I had the opportunity to release some really long-standing issues thanks to Jean.  Jean has the skills to be able to clear out the negative feelings, emotions, bad habits, or addictions in such a short amount of time.  She is such a natural healer, a very talented person, and therapist.

Hi, there Jean.  I’m just fabulous!!! I went for an interview at work yesterday for a more senior position.
I was calm, confident and absolutely nailed the interview. I got the job and a pay rise.
Thank you so much. Without you, I would not even dream of applying for a management position.

I have started to listen to my recording again on a daily basis, it is very empowering to hear. I also listen and read a lot from Marisa Peer, what a great woman.
Thank you again for everything. I can honestly say that you and this magic therapy saved my life. 
So thank you, thank you, thank you.


I feel so grateful to have been introduced to Jean by a friend who had incredible results with her, and it has truly exceeded my expectations. Jean is someone you feel instantly that you can trust, her soothing voice and calming energy made it very easy to connect with her on our initial consultation and there was no question about proceeding with the RTT therapy session. 
I found it to be a fascinating process and have gotten totally addicted to listening to my recording daily. I feel this has been very beneficial for me and the deep-rooted issues I am facing. I feel lighter and clearer and more positive about everything since i began working with Jean. 
I also think the price is so inexpensive for the kind of results it provides. I cannot recommend this service highly enough for anyone wanting to take control of their life and no longer be a victim of circumstances.
Alison G.

After having a big financial loss, Jean helped me to overcome my fear around money and the future.   
I would definitely recommend this to anyone that suffers from any type of fear or self-destructive thoughts.

"This experience has been life-changing. I'm so grateful to have found Jean and her work.
I actually didn’t realise how low my self-worth was until this session. But what has really made the difference is seeing the changes taking place since. 
I’ve become much clearer on who I am, and my value and worth. I feel more confident and have had some really amazing things happen since - like for example, random job offers with double the salary for less work. 
Overall, my life satisfaction has improved so much, and I highly recommend taking the opportunity to work with Jean”. 
CK, Geelong